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September 13th & 14th 2016
Tropicana - Atlantic City, NJ


The Music

Here you can find 5 albums that have received much attention.

The first album "One" I want to dedicate to my mother, which is why the first song is titled, "My Love, My Mom".

The second album "Chicago" is about my professional career and includes songs that I've played often in my time as a street musician. "On the Streets" is a sample that will inspire you.

"In This Time" is the third album. The first song bears the same title as the album and deals with my wishes, dreams and thoughts.

The fourth album "Acoustic" comes without vocals and reflects a little insight into the sounds of my soul.

The fifth album is live on tour. Here you can listen "live" to how I entertain guests at the Easter Brunch and jammed for them.

How would I describe my music?

It comes from the heart, from deep within the soul and from where memories are made. Whether with or without singing, the music reflects my feelings and emotions, my thoughts and my dreams. This requires no rocking tunes and no loud voice, but simply the melodies and rhythms that describe my life. Whether fast or slow, whether romantic or happy, for every mood, there is a matching tone that says a lot more than 1,000 words and expressions can.

You can book me for exclusive and extraordinary, romantic and harmonic events. I will gladly give you a quote and show you in the audition, how versatile my music and performance is and how I fit myself perfectly into your event and set the mood for your guests.


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